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The best cookware ever

“I have used Bessemer Cookware for over 20 Years and found it to be the best cookware ever! I thoroughly recommend it for good results in cooking, cleaning and less cooking time, also power saving. Highly recommended.”

– Lyn, QLD

So easy to clean!

“I’ve been using Bessemer for the last 7 years. My favourite products are the oven pans. I can use them in the oven and on the stove top. My husband tells me every night when he washes the dishes how easy it is to clean the Bessemer cookware in hot soapy water! Happy home!!”

– Bev, Victoria

We won't use anything else

“My husband and I have been using Bessemer cookware for many years, and we wouldn’t use anything else. I love that it is non-stick and cooks my food perfectly and that I can cook foods traditionally designed for the oven on top of the stove. A quality product!”

– Rebecca F, NSW

Great customer service and amazing variety

“I have used Bessemer cookware for the last 5 years and have been very happy with its performance and durability. The non-stick lining makes it easy to cook using very little oil, and every recipe comes out great, even cooking a roast, quiche or casserole on the stove top! You don’t need to use your oven at all. There are over 20 cookware sizes to choose from. There is no other cookware company in Australia that has this variety of cookware from small saucepan to large pieces for soups and casseroles. Their customer service is just great, and over the years I have recommended Bessemer to all my friends and family.”

– Ida, NSW

The Rolls Royce of cookware

“Bessemer is part of my life. I have been using it for my family for over 30 years and would not use any other pots and pans. It is the Rolls Royce of cookware.”

– Lina, Victoria

Find Bessemer and you'll never go back

“I have been a Bessemer user for a long time and to be honest I have tried some of the latest on the market and can honestly say nothing compares.

Bessemer even had a deal that allowed me to trade in any brand cookware, so I traded in my old ones for more Bessemer. Won’t be tempted to try other brands again.”

– Sandy, Canning Vale, WA

The perfect gift for newlyweds

“My sister joined Bessemer in 1993 and made me have a party to get her business going. Must say I didn’t want to at the time as I already had my cookware but haven’t looked back since. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in the taste of everything I made. Took time to get used to doing everything at a lower heat and cooking on top of the stove instead of the oven. Love my Bessemer.”

– Karen Davis, Gosnells, WA

It's so easy!

“I’ve used Bessemer my whole life. It’s so easy! Well done, Bessemer!”

– Vera, QLD

27 years and counting with Bessemer

“I’ve been using Bessemer cookware for the last 27 years, and I love it. Over the years I have tried other expensive cookware like Renaware and salad master, but I always end up coming back to Bessemer because it’s easy to use and very efficient as an oven on top of the stove. Now my whole family, including my three married children, enjoy using Bessemer.”

– Rosemarie, QLD

Bessemer: My best mate

“To Bessemer, thought I would like to tell you about my best mate! I have a small Bessemer Fry Pan with lid (must have), which I use mainly for frying eggs. Just a smidgen of oil, lid on (no spatula) and fired eggs to perfection – just tip them out and enjoy. The idea of a heavy, thick pan seems to be the answer. Thanks for a great pan.”

– Frank Bermingham, SA



Bessemer distributors and staff

“I love my Bessemer Cookware! Since I’ve had it I’ve been so amazed because of the oven effect, and I save time, easy cooking. Also I save money on my gas and electricity bills. Love it, Love it!!”

Maritess Denby, QLD


“One day, I attended a Bessemer Party and bought a couple of
cookware. From then on, I love cooking with Bessemer. What an easy way to prepare dinner for my family. From word of mouth how great my cookware are, I ended up hosting a party until I decided to join. Believe it or not my husband became a member too”.

Evelyn Smith, QLD, Australia


“Having a young family it was difficult to work full time, the part time flexible hours in Bessemer suited my lifestyle very well. It became an easy and fun way to earn money. I joined in 1987, shortly after I become a Manager and then a successful Group Manager. I am currently the New South Wales State Sales Manager. I love the product, I love the people I work with and the people I meet everyday and most importantly, I love my job.”

Teresa Micalizzi, NSW State Sales Manager


“My family told me to get a proper job, however now they know I have the best job. Where else can you work the hours to suit yourself and family, set your own level of income and achieve fantastic trips and gifts along the way. Where else can you have constant FREE training, support and all the encouragement you need to be successful. In my case I’ve gone from Distributor to State Manager.”

Daphne Sturk, WA State Sales Manager


“I’ve been working as a Bessemer distributor for 34 years. I love talking about the products to everyone and use them myself every day. If people take care of their Bessemer cookware it will last a lifetime. I tell my customers Bessemer is so easy to clean. After cooking, just soak in hot water then wash with a soft brush in hot soapy water.” 

Betty, Victoria


“Cooking has never been the same after Bessemer. Faster cooking and less of an electricity bill to pay. Food served hot on the table within 30 minutes, the hubby happier, and so am I. Joining Bessemer has been the best decision that I’ve ever made. Meeting new friends and learning to cook like a pro is what it’s all about. Sharing the love of cooking and exchanging cultural ideas has been fantastic and brings a lot of excitement into my life and also other people’s lives.”

Pearl Lee, QLD


“I bought my first set of Bessemer in December of 2013. Cooking in Bessemer cookware was a big surprise for me. I can cook on top of my stove like an oven, save cooking time and the taste is really different. I fell in love with Bessemer; that’s why I decided to join the team and became a distributor. It was a very good decision to join – I’ve learned more about the product and completed my Bessemer collection at the same time. Working for Bessemer is lots of fun because I am meeting lots of different people. The number of good comments I receive about the cookware makes me feel right that I joined Bessemer.”

Tess Arada, QLD


“I have been using Bessemer for the last 44 years and will never use any other cookware. My love of cooking is what got me started as a Bessemer distributor 22 years ago. I love to teach people how to cook with Bessemer. As a proud Bessemer manager, I enjoy helping people start their own Bessemer business and I love seeing them succeed.”

Pina, Victoria


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Bessemer namely John, Marilyn, Jeanette, Peter & yourself for all your support in getting me to where I am. I feel very chuffed & moreover extremely motivated to achieve more. Bessemer has been a fabulous venture for me, and has been extremely rewarding in so many ways. I get to take time out from my busy full time shift work as a medical scientist in saving lives everyday & instead see the lighter, fun side of things – to meet all walks of life & be invited into people’s homes & cook for them is truly something else.

Hard work truly does pay off. Bessemer sure do know how to appreciate their distributors’ efforts with such generous gifts.

Thank you so much once again. Hope to join you all at conference next year.”

Jasintha Agar, Bessemer Distributor




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