Recipe - Seafood Paella on Bens Menu

Cooked with a Bessemer 37cm Deep Baking Dish & Lid!






2 x Tablespoon of Oil
1 x Diced Onion
1 x Diced Garlic
1 x Tablespoon of Sweet / Smoked Paprika
1 x Achiote (or another tablespoon of paprika)
 Chicken Breast
 Enough Oberoi Rice to cover the bottom of the used pan


1. Slowly heat the pan up (flick water onto the pan, if you hear it sizzle, you're ready!)
2. Pour two tablespoons of oil into the pan.
3. Place your diced onion and garlic in and stir.
4. Add a tablespoon of your chosen paprika.
5. Add achiote or another teaspoon of your chosen paprika.
6. Put chicken breast into spice mix and cook until chicken gets a brown colour.
7. Add five handfuls of oberio rice, enough to cover the pan.
8. Coat the rice with oil found inside the pan.
9. Let it sit for roughly ten minutes with lid on - the liqud should be reduced down with a crust forming. 
10. Add in calamari, prawns, scallops, salmon and muscles.
11. Splash with wine and leave for eight minutes.
12. Add some shiso micro herb to finish it off!

You're done!



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