Recipe - Mini Quiches

Cooked with a Bessemer Gourmet Griddle & Lid






Frozen puff pastry sheets

150g bacon chopped and fried

1 cup grated cheese

1-2 tsp chicken stock powder

4 eggs

¾ cup cream

4 shallots


Paprika to sprinkle


Cut pastry into 9cm rounds and place in Gourmet Griddle.

Mix fried diced bacon and shallots and place some on each pastry round.

Add some cheese to each pastry round.

Beat eggs with 3/4 cup of cream and 2 tsp of chicken stock. Add a bit of mixture to each pastry round.

Sprinkle each pastry round with paprika.

Cook on medium heat with lid on vent open till touch hot then reduce to medium-low heat.
First batch may take 10-20 minutes, next batch less.


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