Recipe - Chelsea Roll Buns on Bens Menu

Cooked using Bessemers 28cm Classic Frypan & Lid!






3 x Cups of SR Flour
1 x Pinch of Salt
1 x Cup of Cream 
1 x Cup of Milk
1 x Small Tin of Pie Apples
1 x Cup of Sultana’s
100g x Softened Butter
1 x Cup of Brown Sugar


1. Place flour and salt in a bowl and stir in cream and milk.
2. Mix to a soft dough. 
3. Place a large piece of cling wrap on bench and flour. 
4. Place dough on cling and roll into a rectangle approximately 2cm thick.
5. Mix butter and sugar and spread over rectangle. 
6. Spread over apples and sultanas sprinkle with cinnamon. 
6.Using cling wrap, roll dough towards you to form a roll and remove cling. 
7. Cut slices approx. 2cm thick and lay flat in base of pan.
8. Put lid on vent open and cook on medium heat until touch hot. 
9. Reduce to low and cook for approximately 30minutes. 
10. When top is firm to touch, turn over to brown other side.

Easy as that!



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