Recipe - Beer Bread on Bens Menu

Cooked with a Bessemer 2.5L Saucepan & Lid!






3 x Cup of Self Raising Flour
Sun Dried Tomatoes
3 x Spoonful of Parmesan Cheese
Full Stubby of Warm Beer
Bowl of Cheese


1. Start with a cold pan.
2. Throw in three cups of self raising flour.
3. Sift the flour.
4. Place sundried tomatoes (or whatever ingrediants you want) into the saucepan.
5. Add three spoonfulls of parmesan cheese.
6. Mix it all through.
7. Add a full stubby of warm beer to the mixture (the warmth will activate the yeast).
8. Give it a good stir around.
9. Smoothen the mixture out.
10. Sprinkle a little bit of cheese in the centre of the mixture - always in moderation!
11. Open the vent on the pan and pop it onto the cooktop with medium heat.
12. Allow pot roughly 5 minutes on medium heat to become 'touch hot'.
13. Once achieved, leave the saucepan on low heat for 30-35 minutes with lid on.

If you flip it and the cheese is golden brown you're all done!



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