Traditional Bead Cutlery Set - 24 Piece

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Traditional Bead Cutlery Set - 24 Piece
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Add a traditional hint to your cookware collection with our beaded cutlery set.

The timeless elegance of this premium quality Stainless Steel Set will add charm to any table setting. Its styling makes it suitable for formal occasions, yet it's priced for everyday enjoyment. Presented in an attractive gift box, the perfect gift for even the most important occasion.

Set Contains:

* 4 Entree Forks

* 4 Entree Knives

* 4 Tea Spoons

* 4 Dinner Forks

* 4 Dinner Knives

* 4 Dessert Spoons

Dishwasher Safe. To keep your cutlery clean and spotless, it is recommended that cutlery is not left unwashed and is hand-dried while it is still warm and moist.

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