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Reusable enviro cloths and eco-friendly cleaning products for the home and kitchen.

It can be difficult to find a soft cloth or sponge that doesn't leave fine scratch marks on your stainless steel and aluminium cookware. Plus, these cleaning materials often need to be replaced and rebought, which is not economical in a modern home. Introducing Bessemer's Enviro Cleaning Products, designed to be reusable and gentle on premium cookware made from cast aluminium, stainless steel, and porcelain. Our Enviro Cleaning Products just needs water to remove the toughest dust, grease and dirt - no more scrubbing and no more damage to your cookware collection.

Our basic cloth set makes cleaning simple. Containing elements of silver, our cloths inhibit the growth of bacteria throughout the house. Perfect for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, brass, silver and car interiors.

Looking for a more invasive scrubbing tool? Our kitchen scrubbers are microfibre for non-scratch scrubbing. Designed to keep your cookware looking fresh and new, our scrubbers can remove tough dirt, grease and oils without damaging the interior or exterior coatings.

Want to update your whole cleaning collection with Bessemer? Check out our Enviro Value Set. Complete with a mop handle and head, two wet mops, two dry mops, two Enviro cloths and a microfibre window cloth, this set is perfect for homeowners who need to get all their cleaning gear in one simple purchase.

Shop online now with Bessemer. We offer fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia. Shop for cleaning materials from the comfort of your own home.

Enviro Cleaning Products

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