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Quality non stick cookware and authentic cast cookware for fast and simple stove top cooking

Whether you're looking to start a traditional cookware collection or looking to upgrade your current saucepans, oven pans and baking trays, Bessemer has a wide selection of non-stick cookware for you.

Our cookware is designed 100% non-stick with ceramic, easy to clean coatings. Cleaning up after cooking shouldn't be a chore - it should be fast and simple.

Bessemer saucepans, baking dishes, casserole dishes and frypans are made with a cast aluminium base, guaranteeing the best heat distribution for your meals. Most of our saucepans, oven pans and dishes are all-stove compatible, meaning you don't need new cookware if you get a new, more powerful stove.

Gas, electric, induction cooktops or ovens - our cookware can be used on your stove.

Pick up a complete set from our Country Kitchen Range or purchase one of our traditional Classic Range Sets to complete your kitchen in one simple purchase.

Looking for an individual piece to complete your collection? Or how about a replacement lid or base? You can also purchase individual items to ensure your kitchen is primed and ready for your next cooking adventure. Shop our massive range of cookware online now and receive fast shipping Australia wide.


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