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Classic white plates and large serving platters to complement an elegant table setting.

Porcelain dishes are essential for homeowners who love to host get-togethers, soirées, and dinner parties. Porcelain adds a touch of elegance to any table setting, matched with crystal wine glasses and silver cutlery.

Bessemer stocks a large range of porcelain dishes online, from flan dishes to lasagne dishes, all perfect for oven cooking and serving.

Our attractive stoneware dishes are convenient for all kinds of cooking, from oven baked cheesecakes to flan, roasts and casseroles. 

The Bessemer flan dish comes in two versatile sizes. Our small porcelain flan dish is perfect for single servings, pies, quiches and more. Just pop it in the oven and serve straight to the table when done. We also have a large version which is essential for dinner parties where you have to serve a whole group.

Planning to put on an impressive spread for your guests? Our large oval platter is excellent for crackers, cheeses, quince pastes, and olives. Alternatively, serve small sandwiches and snacks on this plate - there are 101 uses for this plate.

Our porcelain dishes are dishwasher safe and can be transported from oven-to-table as well as microwave safe. Our porcelain is versatile for any kitchen.

Shop our range of premium porcelain dishes online now and receive fast shipping throughout Australia.

Porcelain Dishes, Plates & Platters

Large Flan Dish
Large Flan Dish
$96.60 $28.90
Large Oval Platter
Large Oval Platter
$85.90 $17.10
Small Flan Dish
Small Flan Dish
$44.40 $22.20
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