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Individual cookware items from our classic range - the perfect addition to your collection

Looking for smooth, non-stick cookware that's tough enough to transfer from the stove to the oven with ease?

Our Classic Range cookware is perfect for flexible cooking - bake bread in a dutch oven, scramble eggs in our non-stick frying pans, and steam vegetables in our shining silver steamers.

No matter the recipe, Bessemer has the durable cookware to get the meal from stove or oven to plates.

Our individual cookware items include our famous 34cm baking dish which offers a large cooking area and high dome 34cm lid. With one multi-purpose dish, you can cook a turkey, leg of lamb or up to three chickens at once. You can even master larger birthday cakes, multi-layered lasagnes, pasta dishes, and even pizza.

We also have cast aluminium saucepans in a range of sizes, including 1.6L, 2.5L in the colour "ebony" and 2.5L in the colour "flame". Boil an egg, steam some vegetables, or even create creamy sauces for a roast dinner with our saucepans, plus spend less time cleaning up with the smooth, non-stick surface.

We've got all your cookware needs available for puchase online, with convenient Australia-wide shipping. Order now and we can have your order shipped within three short business days.

Classic Range - Individual Items

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