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Over the last fifty years, experience has shown us that Bessemer customers, just like you, make excellent distributors. It’s an opportunity to turn your passion and love for cooking into a business with Bessemer while collecting your favourite cookware piece by piece.

Our goal is to provide you with ongoing support so you will reap the benefits only a Bessemer distributor will experience.

As a Bessemer distributor, you are able to plan your working hours around your life and family. This flexibility will allow you to do things like take your children to school and be there when they get home, and take holidays whenever it suits you. Earn some extra income while socialising and meeting new people who share your passion. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or just want some extra cash, you should definitely consider becoming a distributor for Bessemer. The opportunities are endless!

For any questions you may have, please see FAQ or call your State Manager on 1300 655 994.




What sort of person becomes a distributor?

The Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA) 2014 Annual Report states that 95% of Independent Sales People (ISP) are female and 57% are between the age of 25 and 45 years. The main motivations for an ISP to enter direct selling are to gain supplementary income, flexibility around work hours, an entry point for start-up small business owners, an opportunity to build confidence, make new friendships, and build personal and professional development.

No experience is necessary which is why any sort of person can become a distributor. Some of our most successful sales people had never sold a thing before joining Bessemer. All you need is commitment, enthusiasm and drive.

The Party Plan method of selling offers you the benefits of flexibility - work as little or as much as you like; you are your own boss; there is no need to carry stock or rent a storefront; and it’s a wonderful way to make new friends and meet interesting people.

In the Party Plan business everyone’s contribution is highly valued, recognised and rewarded. There are no barriers to limit people’s growth potential - the sky is the limit.

An experience in Party Plan can be a way of life with an excellent income where you can enjoy meeting new people and socialising for a living.

What does it cost me to become a distributor?

It’s free to join as a Bessemer Distributor. Currently we can also provide you with cookware worth more than $500 to use as a demonstration kit for FREE or you can purchase our large demonstration kit worth more than $1400 for only $299. Minimum sales and other conditions are attached to the demonstration kits.

The large demonstration kit includes:

  • 34cm Baking Dish and Lid
  • 2.5 Saucepan & Lid
  • 6lt Casserole & Lid
  • 28cm MultiPan
  • 4 Piece Tool Set
  • Cookbook



Am I employed by Bessemer?

No, you are an independent distributor of Bessemer products. As an Independent distributor you order the products from us that you sell. In doing this, you choose to accept our Terms and Conditions.

Once I’ve signed up, what happens?

Once you’ve signed up, we encourage you attend some basic training to familiarise yourself with the product, its benefits and how best to present this at a demonstration. Bessemer offers continual support and encouragement to their distributors, especially in those early days when you’re settling in. Support material, such as promotional literature and sales aids, are available for purchase to help you in your new business. Fabulous new promotions are run on a regular basis enabling distributors to always have something new and appealing to offer their customers. Once you’re fully educated and confident, it’s time to run a few parties and start making some money. To help build your business, encourage family and friends to host a demonstration to get your business underway.

What do I do with my orders?

After the demonstration, email or fax your orders to your state office. They will be processed and your orders will be packed for either pickup by you or dispatched directly to you.

How does the payment side of things work?

You pay us the wholesale cost of your orders and you retain the retail value you receive from your customers. Most of our distributors pay us using their credit card and then use the money received from customers to pay off the credit card soon after. This has the advantage of keeping track of sales and costs. Some of our distributors have pre-arranged credit with Bessemer allowing them to order goods with 15 days to pay. If this is your preferred method, speak to your State Manager.

This sounds like the ideal role for me, where do I sign up?

If becoming a distributor sounds like the role for you, Contact Us at Bessemer with your details and your State Manager will be in touch to welcome you abroad and get you started on a fun, exciting and rewarding experience.




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