About Us


Bessemer is an Australian owned company that has been operating since the early 1960’s..

In the beginning Bessemer sold specialised home cleaning products. The iconic cookware came in the mid 70’s, and this has been the mainstay of the business ever since. Bessemer has for many years been the largest Australian owned supplier of high quality cookware.  Even though we have retained our unique design over the years, the latest technology is evident in the superior interior and exterior coatings.


Bessemer products have never been available through retail outlets. We have only sold through Party Plan distributors at in-home demonstrations. This is because our product is highly demonstrable and unique in the way it cooks. That’s why we recommend the demonstration!

You need to see what it can do for you in your kitchen - cook a Roast, Pizza, Cake, all on top of the stove in less time and with far less cleaning than a normal oven. You also get expert help to choose the right product for your needs - and it's a lot of fun!. 

We recognise however that in our modern lives, there isn't as much time available to attend a demonstration and people still want to purchase Bessemer. This site will allow you to purchase with the minimum of fuss. You will also see we have quite a few recipe videos that will give you a taste (...well not a real taste) of what our products can do. Obviously we still recommend the demonstration, but this is the next best thing.

Bessemer Cookware retains flavour, nutrients, and is also easy to clean and care for - that’s why so many people LOVE COOKING WITH BESSEMER!




John McLean

Managing Director

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